About us

Mission and vision

The mission of the library is to provide access to a variety of information sources, using traditional resources and modern technologies, to promote reading, cultural activities, creativity and lifelong learning, satisfying the needs of the residents of the municipality and the people who are staying at the resort for recovering and relaxing. 

The vision of the library is an innovative, functional library that is open to visitors, developing traditional and modern services, flexibly adapting to the needs of the community and resort guests.


About us

We offer our visitors a rich fund of printings - we have accumulated over 77,000 phys. pcs. various documents (books, sheet music, audio and video, etc. documents). You are welcome to read periodicals, books and borrow them home.

The library offers free internet, computers, audiobooks, fiction and music audio.

You will also find attractive spaces suitable for telecommuting, distant working or ‘working holidays’. We are the library of the resort, so we relate our activities with wellness. We pay special attention to bibliotherapy - healing reading. In the face of the hardships of life, we invite you to look at the thematic bookshelf of bibliotherapy books, browse the list of bibliotherapy books made by us and specialists, and select a book that will inspire, give you hope, help you overcome stress, fears, anxiety, or other difficulties.

We have been initiating, preparing bibliotherapy projects, organizing activities in groups since 2008. We shared our experience with colleagues from Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Latvia, Turkey and the Netherlands.

We have been organizing bibliotherapy conferences “Bibliotherapy. The book can speak and heal.” since 2013.

Our visitors can relax, spend their time on soothing sand therapy while listening to audiobooks or knitting.

We offer a Nordic walking stick hiring service to Birštonas residents, who have “A Birštonas Resident’s card”.

We organize digital literacy training, provide consultations how to use a computer and the Internet, an electronic catalogue, digital bases, various computer applications and other things.

We have been coordinating non-formal adult education and continuing education in Birstonas municipality since 2017.

We actively contribute to the cultural life of the resort: we organize various literary events, exhibitions and take part in different actions.

We are open to innovations. We offer modern up-to-date technologies such as a graphics tablet, negatives and photo digital 360 scanner, web-type FHD cameras, drones, inkjet, 3D printers for adults.

We are organizing and implementing projects for children and adults https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG1P9s161Fs, with the help of which we aim not only to expand traditional services but also to introduce new ones.

We are close friends with children, youth and families. We invite them to readings, educational activities, creative activities, quizzes and other events. Didactic, fairy tale books, toys, games, smobies, cartoons, feature films await the attention of the little ones. We offer board games, a comfortable lounge for young people.

For 14 summers we have been inviting the little residents of Birstonas and the children, who spend summer at the resort, to the traditional summer readings “Summer with a Book”. We are pleased that for two years in a row our meaningful work with children is noticeable and appreciated.

Not only children, but also their parents, grandparents, physics, chemistry, computer science teachers and pupils, students are welcome to the learning and technology space. Here you can get acquainted with robotics, programming, modern designers and try them out for yourself. We organize robotics laboratories for children who are 6-9-year-old and 10-16-year-old.

Mothers on maternity leave, as well as mothers raising older children and fathers join the “Mother, Baby and Book” club and spend their free time with their children meaningfully. We organize meetings with children's writers, psychologists, artists, we play educational, developmental games and unleash fantasy in creative activities.

We offer educational programs for groups of 5-14-year-old children: integrated literature, art and puppetry workshops “Playing a fairy tale”, a library excursion and a sand therapy “Grow in the library!”, also an introduction to aromatic herbs.

We invite you to the personalized emotional intelligence workshop “Kimochis”.

Interested? Our doors are always open to You! Let's make friends!

Last update: 2020-02-05