Bibliotherapy acivities

Bibliotherapy activities

What is Bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is a purposeful usage of specialists’ selected literature for healing purposes that combines psychology, psychotherapy and literature. A properly selected book plays an important role in both daily life and rehabilitation. Bibliotherapy can help to overcome mild depression, behavioural problems, distrust, it helps to heal after severe surgeries, injuries, bereavement, and get rid of distressing thoughts.

How can I help myself?

Facing true-life difficulties, we recommend that you take a look at the bibliotherapy bookshelf prepared by the library, also browse through our list of bibliotherapy books made together with specialists and choose the healing book for your troublesome problem. Bibliotherapy is the use of books for healthy purposes seeking to help you survive the difficulties you are experiencing. We have been specializing in this area since 2008. We organize international conferences on bibliotherapy, initiate projects where we meet with authors of bibliotherapy books, specialists, we conduct group sessions as well. If there is a need, feel free to ask a librarian for assistance. 

Last update: 2020-02-06